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Polish JASSM Deal to be Concluded Soon

Agreement regarding procurement of the JASSM cruise missiles for the Polish F-16 jets will be signed on 11th December at the Krzesiny AFB – as the Polish Ministry of Defence informs.

As it has been stated during the meeting of the National Defence Commission of the Senate by the head of the Armament Inspectorate, brig. Gen. Sławomir Szczepaniak, the deal regarding purchase of the AGM-158A JASSM cruise missiles is to be signed on 11th December at the 31 AFB in Poznan,  Krzesiny – as MoD reports.

Earlier it has been said that signing of the Letter Of Acceptance regarding purchase of 40 AGM-158A JASSM cruise missiles is to happen no later than on 15th December, while the first payment is to happen on 22nd December. The supplies are to be started in 2017, while the value of the contract is to be as much as USD 250 million, and the value includes modernisation of the F-16 fighters up to the M6.5 standard, which inter alia is to make it possible for the fighters to use the JASSM missiles. Czesław Mroczek, MoD’s Secretary of State had informed the press that the first two examples of the F-16 will be modified in the USA, while the rest will undergo relevant works in Poland.

Poland has received a consent to acquire a batch of 40 JASSM missiles from the US Administration. Czesław Mroczek, in his interview for has also stated that, Poland will also acquire modernized JASSM missiles as well in the future. Most probably he meant the AGM-158B JASSM-ER variant, range of which is said to exceed 900 km.

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