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Polish Minister of Defence Attends a Demonstration of Military Hardware, Offered to the Territorial Defence Component

Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Image Credit: ZM Tarnów

Polish Defence Minister, Antoni Macierewicz, took part in a presentation event, concerning the military hardware offered to the newly formed Territorial Defence branch of the Polish Army. The event was organized by the ZM Tarnów company which is a part of PGZ (Polish Armaments Group). The said demonstration took place during the XVIII Independence Gathering at the Łowczówko Cemetery.

ZM Tarnów facility is ready to provide the Polish Territorial Defence component with modified UKM-2000P machine guns and BOR sniper rifles, using the NATO 7.62×51 mm round, or heavy WKM-B machine guns, shooting the .50 BMG round. During the presentation event, RGP-40 Multiple Grenade Launcher was also showcased. The said weapon is to provide the user with covering an area of even 600 square meters with grenade fire.

The offer of the facility also includes light 60 mm mortarsLM-60K and LM-60D modelsthe purpose of which is to act as a support weapon at squad and platoon levels. Territorial Defence units could also receive the ZUR-23-2KG combined missile-artillery anti aircraft systems which may be transported with the use of light 4×4 vehicles. The said anti-aircraft system has been fitted with 23 mm cannons and Grom/Piorun MANPADS.

ZM Tarnów also offers mobile, container-based training systems which make it possible to carry out firearms training away from fixed shooting ranges. Polish Defence Minister, Antoni Macierewicz, accepted an invitation from the ZM Tarnów’s President of the Board, Henryk Łabędź, to visit the facility and to get acquainted with its offer. “We hope that we will discuss details then, and that our experience and expertise will be used, in the process of equipping the Territorial Defence unitsas it was stated by Łabędź.