Polish Mobile Robot with an X-Ray System Showcased in London

Image Credit: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements
Image Credit: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements

Security and Counter Terror Expo - SCTX 2019 event just came to an end in London. Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements was representing the Polish industry there, showcasing the PIAP FENIX®/PROTOS X-Ray system combo at the booth of the Institute’s partner, the LOGOS IMAGING company.

Over the course of the SCTX event in London, PIAP presented its take on a fusion of a mobile robot and a portable X-ray system. The design makes it possible to quickly and easily inspect suspicious objects, with the use of the light PIAP robot control panel.

PRÓTOS Direct Radiography system is a state of the art ultra-light imaging device. The imaging panel does not contain any glass while the lower edge is just 5 mm wide which makes it possible for the user to obtain images at the ground level. The imagery may be transferred over a wire or via a wireless connection.

Image Credit: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements

All elements of the system can be kept in a special-purpose backpack allowing the operator to move around quickly. PRÓTOS panel offers good UX and ergonomics. The system may be used in narrow spaces, with the panel weighing 1 kg and being 1.3 cm thick - it is the smallest and lightest of the imaging systems offered by Logos Imaging, also delivering imagery of high quality at the same time. It is of key importance that the system can be prepared by a single operator. In case of time-sensitive operations this is a major advantage. It takes only a few minutes for the operator to obtain accurate imagery for rapid threat assessment. 

PROTÓS system has been installed on the PIAP FENIX® light reconnaissance robot created for the purpose of carrying out military reconnaissance operations, in remote locations as well. The system offers long operation times of up to 6 hours. Optronics make it possible to work at night and during the day. Depending on the customer requirements it is possible to use a FLIR or night vision imaging system and thus carry out surveillance at any time of the day or at night. Perfect offroad capabilities have been enhanced thanks to the wheels-continuous track system with front stabilizers. This allows for easy movement along hardened and dirt roads, offroad and in the urbanized areas. Thanks to its compact size and low weight, the robot is portable. Fenix, depending on the equipment utilized, may be used for observation and reconnaissance operations, bomb disposal activities, and for the purpose of transporting sabotage ordnance.