Polish MoD Procured Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Image Credit: PCO S.A.
Image Credit: PCO S.A.

The PGZ Group has just announced the conclusion of an agreement with the Armament Inspectorate, with a value of around PLN 9 million, signed in order to acquire new thermal imaging systems. The agreement concerns the delivery of PCO S.A. NPL-1T thermal imaging binoculars. The deliveries are expected to be finalized by 30th November 2021.

The procedure has been launched in June 2019 and it concerned the acquisition of thermal imaging binoculars, expected to be used for observation purposes at night and during the day, regardless of the lighting conditions. The system is also expected to be used in tough climate and weather conditions. Binoculars shall also allow the user to determine his position with the use of a military-grade GPS unit, via an interface. The system should also make it possible to detect human-sized objects (0.5x0.5 m) at a distance of 1,000 meters at least, in weather conditions defined by the defence norm NO-06-A105:2005 for the N.14-O-II-A group, and with optical visibility ranging from 5 to 10 kilometers, with precipitation of 0 mm/h, in line with the STANAG 4347 requirements.

The offer assessment began on 27th March. PCO’s offer had a value of PLN 8.954 million (gross), with a guarantee period of 84 months. The deliveries are expected to take place in 2020 (until 30th November) and 2021 (until 30th November as well). The offer has been considered to be the most beneficial one. The amount exceeds the budget allocated (PLN 7.3 million) to the task. However, it seems that the Ordering Party has managed to secure extra funds for that purpose.

We also know that the military would be receiving the NPL-1T binoculars allowing the user to detect a human-sized target at around 2,800 meters and MBT-sized targets at around 6,400 meters. The model has been tailored to work with a military-grade GPS, making it possible to display coordinates and time on the display. The binoculars allow for measuring the estimated distance that separates the observer and a target that is 1.75 m tall. NPL-1T is powered by four AA batteries. Nonetheless, the external power supply option, with different voltages, is also available.