Pro Defense 2017: ZM Tarnów’s Offer for the Territorial Defence Units

ZM Tarnów facility, in conjunction with the Polish Armaments Group, has presented its products during the Pro Defense defence exhibition, organized in Ostróda.

ZM Tarnów company offers a great variety of products, designed and dedicated for being used by the Territorial Defence elements. These include:

  • BOR: 7.62 mm sniper rifle
  • ALEX-338: .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle
  • TOR: .50 Cal. Anti Material Rifle
  • UKM-2000P: 7.62 mm modified general purpose machine gun
  • WKM-Bm: .50 Cal. heavy machine gun
  • RGP-40: 40 mm multiple grenade launcher
  • LM-60D Pluton and LM-60K Komando mortars
  • LOOK light observation-defence container
  • Roofed mobile training shooting range, embedded within 40 ft HC containers - facility for basic and advanced training.

The official opening event of the exhibition was attended by Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence.

The Polish Armed Forces, along with the Polish defence industry, are changing, in the same way as Poland, when the Poles are willing to make their effort to create safe and strong homeland.

Antoni Macierewicz, Head of the Polish MoD

The Defence Minister also took part in an assembly of the military-profiled school classes. Around 900 students from the schools above the level of junior-high, from all around Poland, attended the Ostróda Pro-Defence Picnic, organized alongside the Pro Defense exhibition.

The youth need to get acquainted with the basic principles related to defence, both within tactical, as well as within the direct dimension. The young men need to be trained, so that, should a danger emerge, they are able to behave properly, regardless of whether anyone would end up in the Army later on.

Antoni Macierewicz, Head of the Polish MoD

The head of the MoD also visited the ZMT stand. The Minister declared his intention to arrange a working visit at the company, to get acquainted with its armament offer and the progress which has been made, within the scope of expansion of the production abilities of the facility. Antoni Macierewicz paid a visit to the ZM Tarnów headquarters back in November last year too, on the occasion of signing the “Pilica” anti aircraft, combined missile-artillery, system procurement deal, with the said weaponry destined to be received by the Polish Armed Forces.

The stand of the ZMT facility at the event has been popular among the representatives of the military/public service profiled classes, who had a chance to participate in a shooting competition, organized with the use of the mobile container shooting range developed by Tarnów. On the first day, 50 attendees hailing from military-profiled classes took part in the competition, with the said number going up to 100 on the second day, excluding the remaining visitors.

The booth has also attracted numerous soldiers of the Territorial Defence branch of the Army. They remained most interested in the mortars, container shooting range, UKM-2000P 7.62 mm modified general purpose machine gun, and 40 mm RGP-40 multiple grenade launcher.