Radmor and Thales - 20 Years of Cooperation. Joint Effort Undertaken Within The European ESSOR Programme.

Image Credit: Thales
Image Credit: Thales

Polish Radmor company, which currently is a part of the WB Group, has been cooperating with the French Thales Group since 20 years now. An anniversary event was organized on that occasion; it was held at the French embassy in Poland. Radmor, so far, has successfully delivered 10 thousand PR4G radios for the Polish users.

Cooperation between Radmor and Thales has been initiated back in 1996, when a pertaining agreement was signed by Radmor, with the French Thomson company which, later, became a part of the Thales enterprise. A year later, a transfer of technology was carried out. The procedure concerned the PR4G radios-related know-how for Radmor. This paved the way towards implementation of modern tactical communications systems in the Polish Armed Forces. 

In 2007 Thales and Radmor realized a technology transfer related to the PR4G F@stnet radios. During the event which took place on Friday, 11th March, an announcement was made that implementation of the latest digital waveform version, also known as “Geomux”, has been carried out. This will make it possible to continue the digitalization process of the C4ISR systems used in the Polish Army. It was noted that the Polish users have already received 10 thousand examples of the PR4G device.

Two decades of collaboration with the Thales Group were fruitful, as they led to numerous positive changes in our company. We are able to offer state of the art equipment for the Polish Army, not only is this equipment manufactured domestically, but it is also being perfected by the Polish facilities. The bilateral collaboration with Thales, as well as joint works realized within the framework of the European ESSOR initiative, allow us to gain expertise required to develop a national communications platform which would meet the requirements of the Polish Armed Forces. I do hope that the upcoming years will also be beneficial for our companies.

Andrzej Synowiecki, President of the Board, General Director, Radmor

President of the Board and General Director of the Radmor company, Andrzej Synowiecki, emphasized the fact that the collaboration with Thales, within the framework of the ESSOR initiative, makes it possible to develop solutions that are going to later become a part of the offer, targeted at the Polish Armed Forces. On the other hand, Paweł Piotrowski, Thales Polska’s President of the Board noted that cooperation with Radmor constitutes an example of the Thales company’s involvement in the support activities addressed at the Polish industry, the aim of which is to provide the Polish facilities with a relevant transfer of technology. Piotrowski also announced that the cooperation is going to be continued, “in order to meet the needs created within the Polish Armed Forces modernization plan”.

At the moment, both Radmor, as well as Thales, are actively involved in the ESSOR project (European Secure Software Defined Radio). Within the scope of the aforementioned initiative, six European suppliers work together, in order to construct a European standard for the SDR platforms. Secondly, the research is focused on development of a coalition network “waveform”. The aim of the process is to provide the users with high data throughput capacities. The initial phase of the initiative came to an end last year.

Not only are the communication suites manufactured by Radmor being used by the Polish soldiers, as they are also a part of the inventory of the Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian armies. Outside the territory of Europe, Radmor radios are also utilized e.g. in Bangladesh.

Radmor's heritage dates back to 1947, at the moment 99 percent of the company shares are owned by the WB Electronics group. The offer for the Armed Forces includes programmable R3507 radios, R35010 personal radios, R3501 hand-held radios, V3501 mobile radios, along with backpack and onboard F@stnet devices with the relevant accessory bundles. The Polish enterprise also works within numerous European R&D programmes (such as ESSOR). Moreover, Radmor is an active participant of the Polish programme, the goal of which is to modernize the tactical communication suites.  

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