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"Revolution" in the Cooperation Between the Polish Army and the Bundeswehr

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Polish Army is going to expand the scope of its cooperation with the German land forces. It is expected that Bundeswehr combat units will appear in Poland for exercises. Within the framework of expanded cooperation, subordinating a Polish battalion to German brigade and a German battalion to Polish brigade during the exercises is taken into account - as the Lt. Col. Artur Goławski from the General Command of the Armed Forces reports.

What we are going to do is something completely new. From the point of view of our countries it can be called a kind of revolution.

Lt. Gen. Bruno Kasdorf, German Land Forces Inspector.

On Wednesday, January 21st, during press briefing in Veteran's Centre Lt. Gen. Kasdorf announced participation of German soldiers in exercises in Poland, among other things in Saber Strike manoeuvres in June, organised by EUCOM. The General informed that soldiers from 1st Armoured Division from Hanover will train together with units of Multinational Corps North East. German inspector admitted that not only soldiers from commands and staffs will participate in exercises but also combat units, at least a battalion - as the Lt. Col. Goławski reports.

We have prepared our units not only in Germany. We also want to send them to Poland to give clear sign that we are ready to react quickly and we will be here when it is necessary.

Lt. Gen. Bruno Kasdorf, German Land Forces Inspector.

General Kasdorf noted that after the summit in September NATO took up activities aiming at increasing member states' forces readiness. Units from Germany, The Netherlands and Norway were assigned to NATO Response Force, the Headquarters of these forces will be in Germany. He also admitted that action is being taken to reinforce the capabilities of the Multinational Corps North East, to make it able to command high-readiness units of the Alliance.

It is also expected that a German armoured unit will take part in training at the Drawsko Pomorskie firing range in Poland this summer. The broadening of cooperation between the land forces of two countries takes place after an appropriate agreement was signed last year by the Ministers of Defence of Poland and Germany. 

We have released a detailed article on the plans of NATO forces exercises (including the Bundeswehr) in Poland for the year 2015.