Rosomak Simulator Now Operable in Poznan

Land Forces Training Centre in Poznan began to conduct training sessions with the use of the Jaskier type simulators, used by the drivers of the Rosomak APC. Ultimately, four simulators of this type are going to be operated. The devices are to be integrated together, making it possible to carry out team training e.g. within the scope of driving in a column, or other operational aspects that would require cooperation of several vehicles.

The Driver’s Training Centre at the Poznan facility began to operate the Rosomak APC driving simulator/trainer. The interior of the simulator faithfully replicates the Rosomak’s driver’s seat. The whole system is placed on actuators, with six degrees of freedom. This realistically represents the conditions present in a Rosomak APC which is on the move. The image of the surrounding environment is being displayed on five screens placed within the driver’s field of view. The simulation is also enhanced with environment- and vehicle-related sound effects.

A variety of programmed exercises may be uploaded to the simulator system, replicating a variety of terrain and operational conditions, all of which may be modified by the instructor. The above also refers to the time limitations imposed over the simulations, along with modifications of the weather conditions or simulation of equipment damages. During the period when the simulator is operated, not only does the instructor yield control over the conditions of the exercise, but he also monitors the actions carried out by the student-driver.

In the nearest future, the Land Forces Training Centre in Poznan is going to have four simulators of the above type at its disposal. There would be an option of using the aforementioned devices integrated together, in a network. This would, for example, make it possible for four drivers to carry out a column-formation driving training, or other formation-driving training activities. There is also an option of integrating the Jaskier simulation, with the Śnieżnik shooting simulator.

The supplies of the Jaskier simulators are being realized by a consortium, composed out of Rosomak S.A and Autocomp Management companies. The deliveries are to be finalized until 2017.