Second Polish Coastal Missile Squadron is to be Born

The Armament Inspectorate is to sign a contract regarding the second Coastal Missile Squadron (Nadbrzeżny Dywizjon Rakietowy  - NDR), which is to be equipped with Kongsberg NSM missiles and PIT-Radwar TRS-15C radars.

Proceedings within the scope of this armament system has been started on 18th July this year. Technical negotiations with the supplier ended on 29th October. Price negotiations are planned to end on 12th November, which, if successful, will result in signing the contract on 5th December. Such schedule has been presented during the Ministry’s of Defence conference by general Sławomir Szczepaniak, who is the head of the Armament Inspectorate.

The contract will be a result of complex offset-related negotiation process. Not only are these proceedings related to acquisition of the second coastal missile squadron, but they also will provide relevant capabilities enhancing the Polish security – as gen. Szczepaniak emphasised.

Negotiation process was difficult, because we expected to gain a significant technology transfer within the scope of creating and maintaining the combat capabilities of the whole system

as Deputy Minister Czesław Mroczek stated.

The first Coastal Missile Squadron gained its operational capability in June 2013. The second one is to be ready before end of 2015. Considering the production and supply time for the system components, this scenario seems not to be very plausible.