Sokół Helicopter For The Ugandan Police

Image Credit: PZL Świdnik
Image Credit: PZL Świdnik

PZL-Świdnik announced that a GrandNew and a W-3A Sokoł helicopters have been delivered to Uganda, for the Ugandan Police. The helicopters have been supplied on the basis of the contract that was concluded in June 2014. The aircraft in question are going to be used to realize tasks related to maintaining the public policy. Within the scope of the contract, the manufacturer is also going to deliver a complex training package and a support package that would assist the Ugandan Police in operational use of the helicopters.

PZL-Świdnik facility announced that a GrandNew and a W-3A Sokół helicopters have been received by the Ugandan police. The handing-off ceremony was attended by the Uganda’s President, Yoweri Musevani, state officials, and representatives of the PZL-Świdnik and Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland companies.

The helicopters, destined to be used by the Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs, have been delivered on the basis of a contract signed by PZL Świdnik back in June 2014. The agreement covered procurement of the GrandNew and W-3A Sokół helicopters. They are going to be used to fulfil the tasks related to enforcement of the public policy. Within the scope of the contract, the manufacturer is also going to deliver a complex training package and support package, with the latter being a means of assisting the user in the operational use of the aircraft.

The manufacturer informs that once two helicopters have been delivered for the African commercial and para-state market, the hundredth example of Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland/PZL-Świdnik helicopter was sold. Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland/PZL-Świdnik rotorcraft are used to enforce public policy, carry out MEDEVAC operations, VIP transport, transport staff and supplies for the oil platforms and ports.

W-3A Sokół, in the variant delivered for Uganda, is equipped with an external cargo hook, rescue winch, spot-light, a package of external speakers, rappelling package and optronic system, along with elements required to install fire-fighting equipment and emergency floats. Up until now, almost 180 Sokół helicopters have been sold to more than 20 customers in more than 10 countries.

GrandNew helicopter for the Ugandan police has been fitted with an external cargo hook, spot-light and a speaker system. GrandNew is a light twin-engined helicopter, equipped with a digital avionics suite, enabling it to execute IFR sorties with one or two pilots on board. The aircraft also features a 4-axis dual-duplex autopilot, coupled with the flight management system. Up until now, almost 360 helicopters were ordered by almost 220 customers from less than 40 countries.

PZL Świdnik stresses the fact that the helicopters manufactured by the company are also being used by the Polish Uniformed Services which, up until now, have been using 18 helicopters of a variety of types, that have been designed or manufactured at the Swidnik based facility.