Tarnów Signs A Contract Related To Purchases of Multiple Grenade Launchers For The Polish Army.

  • Fot. U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope
    Fot. U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope

Tarnów Mechanical Works will provide the Polish Army with 200 RGP-40 Multiple Grenade Launchers. The agreement has been already concluded. Deliveries are scheduled to be finalized at the end of 2017.

On the basis of the agreement signed with the ZM Tarnów company, Polish Army is going to acquire 200 RGP-40 Multiple Grenade Launchers. Half of the weapons is going to be delivered until the end of October 2016, while the remaining launchers are expected to be received until the end of August 2017.

The agreement is a result of a tender, announced in May 2015. The tender included procurement of 200 launchers along with 6 cross section models of the weapon. The proceedings in question were being carried out in a mode that took the basic national security interest into account, assuming that the armament should be manufactured within the territory of Poland. It was also assumed that the grenade launcher shall be tailored to use the NATO 40x46 SR ammunition with low and medium velocity cartridges, with velocities at which the round exits the barrel equal to 78 meters per second (LV) and 120 meters per second (MV) respectively. The range was to be, respectively, up to 350400 meters for the LV variant and up to 800 meters for the MV variant.

The works related to the RPG-40 multiple grenade launcher have been carried out since 2007, also within the scope of a project financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The company also collaborated with the Military University of Technology. Back in 2010, a sample lot of the launchers has been manufactured, along with the auxiliary equipment. Documentation of the series production was being developed. Three years later, Military District Representation having jurisdiction over the Tarnów facility confirmed that the tactical and technical requirements have been met.

As it is being stressed by the representatives of the Tarnów-based company, RGP-40 has been designed for being used with a variety of ammo types. The launcher is also to be operated by a single soldier. Portable multiple grenade launcher provides the user with more fire-power, in comparison with its single shot variety, while covering fire with the use of the loaded ammunition may cover an area of even 600 square meters. According to the manufacturer, the weapon is especially usable in the urbanized areas.

RGP-40 may be used to shoot 2 thousand grenades, without any deterioration of its parameters. The practical achievable rate of fire is defined as 12 shots per minute. The weapon may also be used with special-purpose rounds, including smoke rounds or flares. Besides the optronic sight, the launcher is also equipped with iron sight installed on a side rail.

The Grenade Launcher features four Picatinny rails, making it possible to use additional accessories. The top rail is used to install the sight, lower one may be utilized to install a vertical grip with an extendable bipod. The stock is placed in the axis of the barrel, which, as the ZM Tarnów representatives claim, improves the weapon’s accuracy. The stock, besides being adjustable, may also be set in two positions in relation to the barrel.