Europoltech 2017: Air Force Institute of Technology - UAVs for Uniformed Services

  • Fot: Wikileaks
    Fot: Wikileaks

During the Europoltech exhibition organized in Gdansk, Air Force Institute of Technology has been showcasing its unmanned quad- and octacopters: AtraxM and Atrax. The aforesaid equipment may support Police in operations such as protecting persons and property or monitoring of the critical infrastructure. The UAVs may also be used for other purposes, according to the needs of other organs. 

Atrax family of UAVs includes unmanned drones designed at the Polish Air Force Institute of Technology. The said systems may be used to carry out military missions, such as directing the artillery fire or neutralizing the surface objects. During the Europoltech 2017 event, the Institute has been showcasing the drones, along with the relevant equipment package, tailored to meet the needs of the uniformed services. 

On the civil market, Atrax systems may carry out a number of missions, including SAR support, assessment of natural catastrophes, monitoring of the infrastructure, or protection of persons and property.

AtraxM UAV, Image Credit: J. Sabak/

The UAV delivered as Octa- or Quadcopter is features a silent electric drive and a modular carbon-fibre design. The system may be operated in a variety of environments, also from the vessels of the Polish Navy. The take-off weight of the UAVs, the rotor-span of which is 1.2 meters, ranges from 4.9 kg for AtraxM, to 6.7 kilograms for the Atrax drone.

The unmanned aircraft in question may fly for up to 40-60 minutes, at an altitude of up to 2000 meters. Operational radius in open terrain is defined as up to 10 kilometres, meanwhile, in the urban areas, the corresponding parameter is diminished down to 2 kilometres. Drone’s top speed is 80 kilometres per hour. 

Atrax and AtraxM feature avionics that include an autopilot with an ability to plan the mission before the flight and to update the plan, in real time. The UAV has also been fitted with a number of system ensuring its continued flight, should communication be broken, or should GPS signal be lost. This is complemented by an encrypted communication suite, providing data exchange in both ways. The system may also feature a full HD camera, transmit the video. Moreover, the options also include a variety of optronic sensors and special purpose equipment, including armament: explosives and grenades.