PCO NVG System for Civil Aviation Applications

PNL-3M NVG system. Image Credit: Maciej Szopa / Defence24
PNL-3M NVG system. Image Credit: Maciej Szopa / Defence24

PCO S.A. was showcasing its products offer within the PGZ Group’s booth, during the Air Fair event organized in Bydgoszcz last weekend. The products presented during the event included the latest PNL-3M Orlik aviation NVG system, demonstrated in a configuration dedicated for civil aviation applications.

PNL-3M goggles are used to observe the terrain and detect targets at night. Their design is based on the military PNL-4 model. The basic difference is the quick detachment ability that makes it possible to automatically detach the goggles in case of an emergency landing which may be critical in case of a scenario as such.

PNL-3M Orlik system uses the new generation INTENS image intensifiers that offer a very high image quality. The system ensures comfortable stereoscopic vision, with natural rendition of shapes, sizes and scenery. PNL-3M also constitutes an another step in miniaturization of such solutions, weighing a little over 500 grams. The NVG system in question may be tailored to the individual needs of the pilot.

Orlik is a system offered domestically and abroad. The system has already been certified for civil use by EASA. PNL-3M may be used in case of the popular Airbus H-135 helicopter used by Polish HEMS. The system may easily be fitted on THL-5 NV, HGU-56 and Alpha helmets.

NPL-1T thermal binoculars and SCT thermal scope were also presented during the event in Bydgoszcz. SCT is a series-manufactured product that is being delivered to the Polish military.