PIAP Robots for the Romanian Armed Forces

Image Credit: PIAP
Image Credit: PIAP

Romanian Air Force took delivery of the PIAP GRYF® robots in December 2018. The contract concerned robots that could be used to carry out reconnaissance in restricted areas and areas that are hard to gain access to.

PIAP GRYF® robots are equipped with a manipulator with five degrees of freedom, with an option of closing the gripping jaws, allowing the robot to carry objects with a mass of up to 15 kilograms. Robot’s wheels may be removed, which makes the system smaller and facilitates carrying out operations in narrow spaces. Thanks to the utilized drive systems, the robot is able to go over obstacles with slope of up to 45 degrees. The robot in question also exhibits excellent maneuverability. PIAP GRYF® is very light, which facilitates transport of the system, and its modular design allows the user to quickly reconfigure the device, with quick changes of the additional equipment.

The PIAP GRYF ® system is tailored for operation with a myriad of additional equipment, including disruptors (such as the latest VULKAN CSL 50-40 VUL and VIPER CSL 50-30 VIP recoilless disruptor systems), semi-automatic shotgun, X-Ray system (such as Monos by LOGOS Imaging), explosive fumes sensor, fiber-optic drums and a bus for remote detonation of explosives.  

The Romanian Army also requested modifications to be made to the original robot, by equipping it with a light control panel fitted with a Full HD touch screen, allowing the user to control the system with the use of two joysticks. Moreover, PIAP GRYF® has also been equipped with the following extras:

  1. Tool bank on the mobile platform. It includes wire-cutters, windowpane breaker and tyre puncher. This expands the options of using the robot tactically;
  2. Holder for the recoilless disruptor.