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Three Bidders in the Polish F-16 Simulator Procurement

Image: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder/USAF
Image: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder/USAF

According to the information provided to us by Major Krzysztof Płatek, spokesman for the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD, three entities submitted their requests to participate in a procurement procedure aimed at the acquisition of the F-16C/D Jastrząb MRCA simulators.

The above refers to the procurement procedure aimed at the acquisition of four F-16C/D Block 52+ simulators, with the optional acquisition of one more example also envisaged. The negotiation was to have up to five slots for the bidders. The deadline for offer submission expired on 15th September.

Meeting the aforesaid deadline, three entities submitted their requests at the Armament Inspectorate:

  • Consortium formed by KenBit Koenig i Wspólnicy Sp. J. and Virtual Reality Media A.S.;
  • Elbit Systems Ltd.;
  • L3 Technologies Inc. Link Training & Simulation Division.

Notably, back in 2018, a market analysis took place, concerning the acquisition of a “tactical flight simulation simulator system for the F-16C/D Block 52+ aircraft”. The analysis involved 7 entities, as follows: ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.; L-3 Technologies Inc.; Elbit Systems Aerospace; Lockheed Martin Corporation; Kenbit Sp.j.; Poland-US Operations Sp. z o.o.; Parasnake.

The new simulators are to replicate the current configuration of the Polish jets (M6.5 upgrade implemented within the framework of the famous JASSM procurement).

The new hardware that the Armament Inspectorate wants to procure is to allow for full replication of new capabilities, providing habitual and emergency procedures training, or training within the scope of combat engagements or aerial refuelling. What is more, it is also required for the simulators to comprehensively prepare the airmen for combat sorties, including tactical element flying. Not only are the simulators to allow for training of 4 (or even 5) pilots in joint execution of combat sorties, they are also expected to work with other simulators, within a common network. In the future, this would make it possible to conduct joint training of the Polish F-16 and F-35 crews, or even to hold multinational exercises.

The new simulators are to replace the equipment procured with the F-16 jets back in 2003, within the framework of a contract that, apart from the jets and the maintenance infrastructure, also covered the establishment of relevant training infrastructure - a single mission simulator, two squadron-level training devices and two ground procedure simulators.
The delivery and setup should be finalized within 28 months from the conclusion of the agreement. The bids would be rated based on the economic criterion (90%).