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Ukraine: “Separatists” Continue the Shelling. Assistance from the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is going to transfer a million pound worth equipment for the Ukrainian Army. The “gift” includes a significant quantity winter-survival equipment. The Ukrainians announced that the separatists have yet again started shelling of the towns in the Donetsk area.

Michael Fallon, the British Secretary of Defence, informed the Members of Parliament that he is going to approve a gift of equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The package, with a value of almost a million British pounds, consists of 170 large tents, 170 stoves and 600 winter clothing kits.

According to the information released by Fallon, this type of support is going to have a positive impact on Ukraine’s ability to maintain its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Fallon stressed the fact that the Ukrainians are not going to receive assistance of lethal character, and that the provided support constitutes a continuation of the British help provided for Kiev so far. The purpose of the support is mainly to protect the victims of the conflict and support the defence potential of the Ukrainian Army.

Ukrainian command of the counter-terrorist operation forces stated that at night, between 19th and 20th November, the separatists again opened fire in the Donetsk area, attacking the towns in which the civilians are still present. The pro-governmental forces were also being shot at. 82 mm mortars, multiple rocket launchers, anti aircraft artillery and small arms were used to conduct the said shelling. This is yet another case of breach of the Minsk memorandums, on the part of the pro-Russian separatists. More than 30 shootings took place, according to the official release.

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Let us recall the fact that Great Britain has also sent 25 advisers to Ukraine, who are organizing training sessions for the Ukrainian Army. We also know that starting from April 2016, this number is going go up to 100 members of the British Forces. The training provided by the British covers the battlefield survival and first aid techniques, logistics, defensive operations in the urban areas, cooperation with the media and operational planning processes. According to the information released by Fallon, until 1st April 2016, 2000 Ukrainian troops are going to complete the additional training activities.

The British Forces are also (periodically) involved in the joint exercises with the units of the Ukrainian Army, organized within the training ranges of Ukraine.