Ukrainian media: Putin Is Planning To Create Riots In the Ukrainian Cities

  • Berthing and Docking Mechanism. Ilustracja: ESA
    Berthing and Docking Mechanism. Ilustracja: ESA

According to the leader of the Parliamentary Club of the Poroshenko’s Block, Yuri Lucenko, Russia is planning to organize protests and riots in March and April. These protests are to be targeted at the largest Ukrainian Cities.

“Back in August we were almost done with the Separatists, however, regular armed forces of a superpower are a problem of different nature. Nevertheless,  heroic stance of the Ukrainian soldiers, National Guard, volunteers, peaceful citizens, guerrillas, made it possible to stop that Army. Now is the time to initiate the B plan, which is to be followed in March and April, when Putin will be trying to organize riots in large cities, like Kiev, Kharkiv,  Odessa or other cities” - as Lutsenko stated in his interview for the 5 Kanal. 

In Lutsenko’s opinion, for execution of the operations above, the Kremlin will use its “aware and unaware agents”, and terrorist acts may become an additional background here. The situation is even more convoluted, due to the fact that lot of the Ukrainian citizens are expressing their dissatisfaction with the authorities. Lutsenko thinks that one should differentiate criticism and need of carrying out changes, from a coup d'etat.

Lutsenko claims that stopping the riots and rebellions fuelled by the Russians is possible, however that would not mean that the Kremlin is going to back-off. In such case, a moment will come to implement the plan C.

At the Moment, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James R. Clapper, expects that in the spring, the armed operations’ intensity is going to increase in Mariupol. The rebels may resign, in his opinion, from conquering territories beyond Luhansk and Donetsk, however, in that situation, they would need a strategically located port anyway.