Unexpected Russian Air Force Exercise in the Kaliningrad Area

An unexpected readiness test, involving the Air Force and the Baltic Fleet units stationed in Kaliningrad, has been announced by the Russian Ministry of Defence. Throughout the upcoming days, the aforesaid elements are going to be involved in training operations within the scope of fighting against airborne, ground and naval threats. The exercise is also going to cover the relocation tactics. No information is available, when it comes to the scale or time period, within which the exercise takes place.

The unexpected readiness test, announced on 29th October, regarding the Kaliningrad-stationed units, is an element of a wider training and readiness test programme. At the same time, similar tasks are being realized by the Black Sea units of the Russian Air Force.

Fighter squadrons of the Baltic Fleet, equipped with the Su-27 jets, are involved in training within the scope of detecting, identifying and intercepting aircraft that could potentially violate the Russian airspace. Together with the air defence units, the elements of the air force are involved in training of the procedures required to carry out a complex air defence operation.

Su-27 Flanker and Su-24M Fencer jets are executing joint training sorties, covering night operations, attacks on the maritime craft and acting against surface targets, helicopters and UAV systems. Throughout the upcoming days, Su-24M bombers are also going to be involved in low-level attacks against command points, structures and enemy battle groups.

The aforesaid operations are going to be realized in cooperation with the Mi-24 attack and Mi-8 combat transport helicopters. Meanwhile, naval Ka-27 helicopters are going to be involved in anti-submarine warfare training activities. Parachute drops involving the An-26 turboprop aircraft may also be expected.

Russian Ministry of Defence did not release any information related to the scale of the exercise. Moreover, no details are available as to the period within which the exercise is going to take place.