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US and Polish Artillery Units Involved in a Joint Live-Fire Exercise [Photo Report]

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Soldiers of the Toruń Artillery and Armament Training Centre, armed with the 2S1 Goździk howitzers, were involved in a joint training exercise, together with the troops of the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment Cobra battery.

The soldiers from both countries took part in a joint artillery live fire training, organized at the Artillery and Armament Training Centre range in the Toruń (Thorn) area. The Polish soldiers used the 2S1 Goździk 122 mm self-propelled howitzers, while their American colleagues utilized the M-777 155 mm towed howitzers. Attacking the same targets simultaneously was one of the trained scenarios.

During the live-fire training, Polish and US reconnaissance units provided the information pertaining the accuracy of the fired rounds. These elements also assessed the reaction time of the artillery units involved in the training. The observation point was set at one of the hills of the Toruń range.

According to cpt Tomasz Kisiel, speaking on behalf of the soldiers involved in the operations, the forces participating in the exercise got a chance to acquire more experience and expertise. After the exercise, the soldiers got acquainted with the equipment used by both participating nations. Experience was also exchanged in the area of the every-day training activities, carried out by both units.

The US soldiers involved in the live-fire training at the Torun range, serve in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, based in Vilseck, Germany. They are taking part in the Dragoon Shock exercise, the aim of which is to rapidly deploy land forces in Lithuania. During their journey through Poland, the allies stopped in Torun, where they take part in the training organized jointly with the artillery element of the Artillery and Armament Training Centre.