Visegrad Battle Group - Exercise - Maintaining the Readiness

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    Fot. VMZ

Visegrad Battle Group began its 6 months turn to be on alert. Between 11th and 13rd January, at the Barracks of the 12th Mechanized Brigade which is acting as the commanding element of the V4 Battle Group, a training has been carried out, maintaining the readiness of the command, staff and elements of the whole group.

Commander of the V4 Battle Group of the European Union, Brigade General Dariusz Górniak, stated: “During the 6 month period, during which we will be staying on alert, we are going to refine the acquired skills. Training is going to be organized, the purpose of which would be to maintain the combat capabilities of the elements of the Group, in national and international settings. Command and the command staff are going to be involved in the exercise, along with the elements of the mobile battalion. In June, workshop-style event is going to be organized, summing up the 6 months readiness period”.

Within the scope of the first training carried out this year, the troops of the command staff of the Battle Group were perfecting their skills related to recovery of the isolated personnel. They were also involved in classes conducted by the officers of the Multinational Corps North-East, covering the area of operational planning procedures. Members of the Battle Group also got acquainted with the information related to the potential region of threat. On the other hand, the mobile battalion troops, during the integrated day-night training, refined their “deployment” skills. Situational shooting-training and tactical operations, the scenario of which was developed with the Group’s operational profile taken into account, were also carried out.

Within the scope of the scenario, motorized infantry platoon patrols were executed. These were finished with an event of contact with the enemy and a MEDEVAC operation. Moreover, entrance gate control procedures were also a part of training. The operations carried out by the individual elements were led by the battalion tactical centre element.

On 12th January Brigade General Daniel Grammatico was involved in the training. Grammatico is the deputy chief of operations of the European Union military staff. The aforementioned officer also got acquainted with the structure, preparatory process and training activities undertaken by the EU battle group, and with the tradition and heritage of the 12th Mechanized Brigade, based in Stettin.