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Works Related To The Armoured Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Armament Inspectorate announced that an initiative has been launched, the aim of which is to develop a wheeled engineering reconnaissance carrier [“Kołowy transporter rozpoznania inżynieryjnego KTRI”].

The aim of the procedure is to execute the development works regarding the wheeled engineering reconnaissance vehicle, also known as Jodła [Fir] - KTI. The purpose of the aforesaid initiative is to define the relevant design assumptions. The contractor is going to be obliged to develop a concept design, on the basis on the requirements contained in the initial tactical-technical assumptions, technical-economic analysis, as well as a project related to the tactical-technical assumptions.

The works mentioned above shall be completed until 31st October 2016, while the final offer placing deadline expires on 16th November 2015. The procedure is going to be carried out as an open procurement process, on the basis of the Regulations of the rules and mode in which the Armament Inspectorate grants orders within the area of security and defence, described in the Article 131b of the Public Procurement Law and the Civil Code. In practical terms this means that the proceedings are not realized in line with the Public Procurement Law, since the value does not exceed the legally defined threshold.

The technical dialogue related to the process of acquiring an engineering support vehicle involved the following companies: WZM Siemianowice Śląskie S.A. (currently known as Rosomak S.A.), Polish Defence Holding, together with the PCO S.A., Bumar Elektronika S.A. (now known as PIT-RADWAR S.A.), BZE Belma S.A., ZM Tarnów S.A. oraz Cenrex Sp. z o.o. companies, along with AMZ Kutno sp. z o.o. together z WITI Wrocław and KEN-BIT Sp. z o.o companies.

The requirements for the contractors assume that they have to have at least one development or implementation project executed in their portfolios, in case of which wheeled armoured vehicle was the main subject. The said works must have been executed throughout the last 3 years or throughout the period of the whole market presence of the company, should that period be shorter than 3 years.
During the dialogue, it was assumed that the newly developed KTRI vehicle should be capable of carrying out engineering reconnaissance tasks, including reconnaissance related to accessibility of roads and river crossing. Secondly, the vehicle should also be capable to carry out contamination analyses. It was also assumed, among other points, that the carrier would be fitted with the ARS-200 radar.

Currently, the track-chassis MB-LB vehicles are being used in the above-mentioned role.