10th AIR FAIR Bydgoszcz Expo In May. Anniversary Event

  • Koncepcja firmy Lockheed Martin, ilustracja: Lockheed Martin
    Koncepcja firmy Lockheed Martin, ilustracja: Lockheed Martin

Air Fair exhibition organized by the Polish Military Aviation Works No. 2 is going to be held in Bydgoszcz, between 20th and 21st May. Daniel Ciechanski, spokesman for the WZL No. 2 facility, provided us with detailed information pertaining to the agenda of the event.

Air Fair consists of two parts. First day of the exhibition gathers the experts of the sector, during a conference covering the topic of aviation safety. During the 10th edition of the AIR-FAIR event, a number of conferences for the experts working within the aviation sector is going to be organized. Daniel Ciechanski also noted that representatives of companies not tied to aviation will also attend the event. AIR FAIR exhibition is thus a good chance to “get noticed” or to meet the potential contractors. 

The second day of AIR FAIR is open to the general public. Ciechalski stresses the fact that the organizers would like to surprise the attendees. In this way, WZL No. 2 facility would like to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event. This year we may expect something “unique”. Spokesperson revealed the fact that Sebastian Kawa, gliding world champion, may be expected to attend the exhibition.

The AIR FAIR will take place in May. Not only will it be a 10th anniversary for the event, but a number of other anniversaries will also be celebrated. In 2016, the organizers will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Military Aviation Works No. 2, 100th Anniversary of Aviation in Bydgoszcz and 70th Anniversary of the Bydgoszcz Aeroclub. The main 70th Anniversary event will be organized in September. Nonetheless, these anniversaries will also be mentioned during the May exhibition.

Bydgoszcz Air Picnic

The main goal that was the driving force of the first exhibition was to open the facility for the local community. AIR FAIR was a perfect way of showcasing the portfolio of the Military Aviation Works No. 2, based in Bydgoszcz. For the organizers, this is also a perfect occasion of attracting exhibitors – both domestically, as well as globally. 

The annual event is also a good moment to meet the partners before the Kielce MSPO Defence Exhibition, during which – as Ciechalski notes – there is often no chance of carrying out longer talks. Spokesman for the Bydgoszcz facility stressed the fact that for the company, the exhibition has never been a business event. The expo is not a business event – this will not be changed. For the company, it is most important that the participants feel that the exhibition has an informal profile. This element will be especially emphasized during the 2016 anniversary event.

Thus, this year’s edition of Air Fair is worth visiting. As it is stressed by Daniel Ciechalski: “Bydgoszcz is aviation. The city is not associated with aviation, it is aviation and centre of everything related to broadly understood aviation that is going to happen exclusively in Bydgoszcz. We are in possession of competences, potential, tools and ideas.”