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Błaszczak: 218 Chunmoo Launchers for Poland

K239 Chunmoo system of the ROKAF.
Photo. Hanwha

The Polish Armed Forces would soon receive the K239 Chunmoo rocket artillery systems. Today I have approved the performance contract on procurement of 218 launchers, logistics and support packages, and a munitions stockpile, announced the head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, via Social Media channels. The deliveries are expected to happen between 2023 and 2027.

The agreement was concluded on 4th November 2022 in Warsaw, by and between the Armament Agency, and the Hanwha Aerospace company. It has a net value of USD 3.55 bn. and it covers the cost of 218 K239 Chunmoo MLRS platforms, plus training and logistics package, a stockpile of munitions (several thousand precision-guided rockets with a range of 80 kilometres, Chunmoo 239 mm Missile, and 290 kilometres, dubbed Long Range Missile), and technical support as well.

The first 18 launchers would be delivered in 2023 and commissioned in the 18th Mechanized Division. All of the deliveries are to be finalized by 2027. The training package envisages the provision of training for the technical staff, both in Korea and in Poland as well. The Contractor shall also provide the user with a logistics support package, including maintenance support available domestically, in Poland, from the very first day when the systems appear on Polish soil. All of the above arrangements have been made to achieve basic combat readiness for the first of the K239 Chunmoo squadrons by the end of 2023.

Poland Procures Hundreds of Korean Chunmoo MLRS

The Polish systems would utilize the Polish Jelcz P882 8x8 truck, with an armoured, 4-door cabin, a Polish communications suite, and Topaz combat management system. The launchers carry two rocket containers, each that can accommodate 6 guided 239 mm rockets with a range of 80 kilometres, or a single ballistic missile, with a range of ca. 290 kilometres.

The performance agreement on the acquisition of the launchers is the first step within the scope of implementing the framework agreement signed on 19th October. In the future, the launcher module, as well as the munitions would be manufactured in Poland. The goal is to achieve a high level of autonomy and to broaden the scope of cooperation with the Korean partner.