Land Forces

Camouflage For The Polish “Tytan” Future Soldier System

During the MSPO 2015 event, new camouflage patterns for the Tytan future soldier systems were presented. The patterns have been developed with considerable involvement on the part of the Andropol S.A. company.

The elements of the Tytan system, including armament and equipment for the Polish future infantry, were all presented within the area of the armed forces exhibition, during the Kielce expo. On the other hand, three new camouflage patterns were presented at the Andropol S.A. booth.

Tytan programme requirements which were taken into account, when the new camouflage patterns were being developed, define the criteria for the camouflage effectiveness in the visible light and in case of the infra-red spectra. The camouflage elements were developed jointly by the representatives of the Andropol SA company, working together with the experts of the Military University of Technology and the Military Institute of Engineer Technology.

As a result of the research and development programme, a new, non-flammable fabric was developed, in line with the requirements of the EN469 norm. Three camouflage patterns placed on the fabric were presented – spring/summer, autumn, and snowless winter ones. Additionally, a separate urban operations camouflage was added. The latter pattern was developed by the Military University of Technology.

It is expected that winter and other variants are going to be developed soon. Roiman Klimiuk of the Andropol company stressed the fact that a test programme, regarding the three prototypes, is being currently realized.

Image Credit: Andropol S.A.

The Andropol S.A. booth at the Kielce exhibition was also visited by the Polish President, Andrzej Duda. The company additionally showcased a PROTON fabric uniform, including the non-flammable PBI fibres – this uniform is dedicated for the firefighters. Field uniforms and service uniforms for the border guard were also a part of the exhibition.

In 2015, for the first time in history, the Polish light industry presented its products jointly, during the MSPO event - as an Association of the Polish Textile Industry Manufacturers (Związek Polskich Producentów Przemysłu Tekstylnego). -Not only are we united against the far-east competition, but also, during this type of expos, we are together presenting our joint potential, as it was stressed by Radosław Klinowski, commercial director of the Andropol Company.