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MSPO 2015: Tur V Multi-Purpose Vehicle Made By AMZ Kutno

During the MSPO 2015 event, AMZ Kutno showcases the 4x4 armoured Tur V vehicle, offered for the Polish Army within the scope of the Pegaz [Pegasus] programme.

Tur V constitutes yet another element of the family of the armoured vehicles, designed by the AMZ Kutno company. The vehicle is fitted with 4x4 drivetrain (two Timoney axles) and independent suspension for all the wheels.

Tur V weighs 9 tonnes and is capable of carrying another 2 tonnes of load. The vehicle reaches top speed of 110 kilometres per hour, with a range of 600 kilometres on the road and 400 kilometres off-road.

Tur V provides the user with Level 2 ballistic and Level 3a anti mine protection in line with the STANAG 4569 norm, however, the manufacturer also offers improving the protection up to the level 3. 240 kW of power are provided by the MTU 6R 106 TD 21 7.2 litre engine. Tur V length is less than 6.2 metres, its maximum height is 2.66 metres, width is 2.56 metres, and axle span is contained within a length of 3500 millimetres.

Tur V is offered for the Polish Army within the scope of the Pegaz programme. AMZ Kutno representatives indicate the fact that they are ready to cooperate with the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, when it comes to the final deliveries.

Image Credit: J. Radecki/

During the Kielce event, AMZ Kutno also showcased the amphibious 8x8 Hipopotam APC, developed not only for the military purposes (e.g. as a base for specialized platform which could be used e.g. as an engineering reconnaissance unit), but also in order to mitigate the effect of the natural disasters.

Vehicle’s own weight is 26 tonnes. It maintains its amphibious capabilities with a mass of 29 tonnes, while maximum permissible weight is 32 tonnes. The Hipopotam is capable of attaining the top speed of 110 kph, and its engine has a power output of 480 kW (643 HP). The vehicle is tailored to transport 20-feet containers. Scope of ballistic protection may be raised up to level 4, according to the STANAG 4569 norm.