Land Forces

Polish Armed Forces Seeking UGVs

PIAP Hunter UGV with AREX RCWS system.
Photo. cpr. Sławomir Koziol/WCR Świnoujście/Twitter

The Armament Agency announced an intention to launch initial consultation regarding an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle.


The preliminary consultation dialogue is to cover the following areas:

  • Identification of the available design solutions in the area of unmanned reconnaissance vehicles.
  • Definition of the domestic and foreign potential for implementing the project.
  • Definition and determination of the conditions pertaining to logistics and training;
  • Estimates pertaining to the cost of procurement, operation, and withdrawal;
  • Preliminary arrangement of procurement timeline;
  • Determination of the possibility of establishing secure deliveries, including possibilities and terms associated with a transfer of manufacturing and maintenance technologies regarding the military equipment to the Polish defence industry;
  • Other matters, needs-dependent.

The entities potentially interested in partaking in the consultancy can submit their requests in writing, in Polish, by 3rd June 2023.

Not only are unmanned platforms as such useful in the reconnaissance role, but they can also be used in support roles, or for handling logistics - also for the light infantry. Platforms as such can transport munitions, food, and other supplies. They can also be employed in the MEDEVAC role.

Łukasiewicz - PIAP Hunter UGV is a good example of such a platform. It has been fitted with ZMU-03 RCWS developed by the WB Group's AREX company - the RCWS in question may be armed with a .50-cal. machine gun for instance. The platform in question may also feature optronics, designed for observation, reconnaissance, and target ID purposes.

The Hunter UGV has already been tested in Nowa Dęba, during a FEX (Field Experimentation Exercise) event, during which other unmanned platforms and new solutions were also tested - potentially these could soon be commissioned in the Polish Armed Forces.