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More Homar-K Systems Delivered to Poland

Wieloprowadnicowa wyrzutnia rakiet Homar-K na podwoziu Jelcz 882.57 w służbie 18 Dywizji Zmechanizowanej.
Homar-K MLRS based on the Jelcz 882.57, operated by the 18th Mechanized Division, Nowa Dęba training range.
Photo. Sergeant Aleksander Perz / 18th Mechanized Division

Deputy Minister of National Defence Paweł Bejda, via his X (formerly Twitter) account, announced the delivery of further 12 Homar-K multiple rocket launcher modules to Poland. He also stated the number of recently delivered K9 gun-howitzer systems was six, most likely.

The information pertaining to the delivery of another 12 launcher modules means that the Polish Army will soon have 30 Homar-K multiple rocket launcher systems (of which 1 is probably still in South Korea) at its disposal. They will now be integrated with Polish components such as the Jelcz 8x8 truck chassis and the ZZKO Topaz Automated Fire Control System. Originally 212 units of the polonized variant of the K239 Chunmoo MLRS were purchased, but this number was increased to 290, as the second performance contract was signed in April this year. The Deputy Minister of Defence also specified how many K9A1 artillery systems (6 units) were delivered to the Polish Army yesterday, as this information had not been made public before.

To meet the requirements defined by the Polish Armed Forces, several thousand rockets were ordered, coming in two types - 239 mm CGR-080 with a range of 80 kilometres, and CTM-290 SRBM, capable of hitting targets at a distance 290 kilometres away. The agreement also covers a logistics and training package. It is also expected that Homar-K would be integrated with the Polish 122 mm unguided rocket munitions, housed in transport/launch containers developed by WZL-2. The second performance contract envisages that maintenance facilities would be established for the launchers in Poland, and that spares for the launchers would be manufactured by the Polish industry. The first dozen modules would be delivered by the Changwon Hanwha Aerospace facility. Starting from the 13th example, further launchers will be manufactured in Poland, probably at HSW.

Talks are underway regarding the license, technologies, and know-how transfer required to launch domestic manufacturing of the 239 mm CGR-080 rockets. However, this matter is discussed in a separate negotiation. Transfer of this expertise would happen once another performance contract involving Hanwha Aerospace is signed. Further launchers could potentially be integrated on 3rd generation Jelcz vehicles, as demonstrated during the last MSPO exhibition.

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The Homar-K is a polonized K239 Chunmoo rocket artillery system, for which the original base platform (Doosan 8x8 truck with armoured cabin) was replaced with a domestically manufactured 8x8 Jelcz truck. The system carries two rocket containers, and each can accommodate 6 guided 239 mm rockets with a range of 80 kilometers, or a single ballistic missile, with a range of ca. 290 kilometers. Work is underway to integrate 122 mm rockets with the Homar-K platform - used in WR-40 Langusta or BM-21 Grad systems. The launch containers also allow the user to launch unguided 131/227 mm rockets. Development efforts regarding rockets offering 150-200 km range are underway.

The platform also features the ZZKO Topaz fire control system, which allows the Polonized Chunmoo to be plugged into the FCS/BMS systems used by the Polish artillery units - it is a top-class solution. The Polonized variant also includes Fonet digital communications suite integration. In the future, the base platform for Homar-K may be replaced with the entirely new Jelcz 883.5.