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PGZ Offers Mini-UAV And Short Range UAV Systems For The Polish Army

  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen- fot.

Polish Armament Group created an offer for the Polish Army, which includes E-310 and Orbiter-IIB UAV systems, within the scope of the procedure, the aim of which is to acquire short range tactical UAV systems (also known as “Orlik”) and mini UAV systems (also known as “Wizjer”). Both of the above-mentioned systems are to be manufactured at the WZL No. 2 [Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze – Military Aviation Works] in Bydgoszcz, where – in line with the assumptions of the submitted offer – a maintenance, modernization, design and manufacturing management centre is to be established.

PGZ has submitted its initial offer regarding the future UAV systems to the Armament Inspectorate. Within the framework of the Orlik programme, the E-310 UAV system, developed together by the PIT-RADWAR and the Eurotech companies, is being proposed. These systems would be fitted with a Contorp opto-electronic system. In order to realize the initiative, a consortium was created, consisting of PGZ, PIT-RADWAR, Air Force Institute of Technology and WZL No. 2 facilities. The system is going to be manufactured at the WZL No. 2 facility in Bydgoszcz.

According to the information provided by the Polish Armament Group, the E-310 UAV is going to be equipped both with a set of optronic sensors, as well as with a radar (MiniSAR). It was stressed that despite the fact that the system is currently fitted with an internal-combustion propulsion system, a hybrid, internal combustion/electric, engine is being developed. E-310 system is capable of conducting 15-hour long sorties, at altitudes of up to 5 km, reaching speeds of up to 120-210 kilometres per hour, the UAV is also able to operate at distances of up to 150 kilometres from the ground-control station. Ultimately, E-310 is going to be tailored to be operated in “swarm” formations.

When it comes to the “Wizjer” Mini-UAV programme, PGZ offers the Israeli Aeronautics Defense Orbiter 2B UAV. The foreign partner declared, that the technology transfer assumes that the mini-UAV is going to be manufactured at the WZL No. 2 facility in Bydgoszcz.

According to the information released by the PGZ company, Orbiter-IIB’s range is 80 kilometres, with up to 4 hours of flight endurance. The UAV may conduct flights at altitude of up to 6 km, however, the operational altitude is defined as 91 – 914 m. The Orbiter-IIB is capable of attaining speeds from 30 to 70 knots, maximum take-off weight is 10.3 kilograms. Orbiter UAV’s are being currently utilized by the Polish Army.

The proposal submitted by the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and WZL No. 2 also assumes that a “Center For Maintenance, Modernization, Design Management Regarding The UAV System” is going to be established at the Bydgoszcz-based plant. Not only would the above facility deal with manufacturing the mini and short range UAV systems, acquired through the means of the “Orlik” and “Wizjer” programmes, it would also carry out activities related to implementation of the “Gryf” (tactical, medium range UAV) and “Zefir” (MALE UAV) programmes. The centre would be open to cooperate with other Polish companies that conduct their business activities in the UAV sector, including the private subjects.

The visual and satellite reconnaissance programme, besides the air defence systems and neutralization of the maritime threats, constitutes a priority for the PGZ company. The fact that our group is going to contribute to execution of that programme would mean that companies we gather would be able to make a technological leap.

Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the PGZ Company

President Dąbrowski stresses the importance of the visual and satellite reconnaissance programme, placing it directly next to the air defence systems and neutralization of the maritime threats. Dąbrowski stressed the fact that partaking in realization of the programme would make it possible for the PGZ to make a technological leap forward.

The Polish Armed Forces are willing to acquire 12 “Orlik” (short range) UAV’s and 15 “Wizjer” (mini) UAV’s, together with a set of relevant packages covering the areas of training and logistics. The procedure is being carried out outside the regulations of the public procurement law, due to the fact that Polish MoD is willing to protect the Polish basic national security interest. The “BP” (“NS”) mode makes it possible to order the products from the national subjects.