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Polish Ministry of Defence Launches the Pegaz Armoured Vehicle Programme

Hawkei vehicle, during a presentation held at the MSPO event. One of the Pegaz proposals. Image Credit: R. Surdacki/
Hawkei vehicle, during a presentation held at the MSPO event. One of the Pegaz proposals. Image Credit: R. Surdacki/

The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD published an announcement pertaining to deliveries of multi-purpose vehicles for the Special Operations component. The above means that Pegaz programme procurement process has been launched, in practical terms.

The order concerns delivery of 15 multi-purpose vehicles for the special forces, with a specification of 7 features defined by the Armament Inspectorate. The list goes as follows: 

  • Combat capabilities allowing the task groups to move into the region of operations;
  • Fire support capabilities making it possible to act against the emerging threats with the use of possessed weapons;
  • High mobility;
  • Crew protection against the enemy weapons, including mines and IEDs;
  • Multi-purpose capacity, having enemy detection assets as well as protection and warning systems;
  • Command support capability making it possible to establish communications, both along the chain of command, as well as with the naval and aerial support assets;
  • Transport features that would define the vehicle as a wheeled personnel and equipment transport platform.

The Ministry also reserves a right to exercise an option. Maximum quantity of vehicles that could be acquired has been defined as 105 examples, with 90 being a subject of option.

It shall also be recalled that back in 2016 it was planned that Pegaz programme would be divided into two stages, according to the information released by the Armament Inspectorate. The first phase, scheduled to happen between 2017 and 2022, 105 vehicles were to be procured for the Special Operations component and for the Military Police. Target requirement was estimated at the level of 280 examples. Meanwhile, procurement of the vehicles for the land forces was to begin starting from 2023, and here the quantity was defined as “several hundred” examples.

Currently we have no knowledge about the acquisition term and deadlines. The Inspectorate did not include this information in its announcement. However, the above does not change the fact that the programme is suffering from a significant delay. 3 years ago it was planned that the first vehicles would be received by the user in 2017.

The prepared agreement additionally assumes that the contractor shall provide maintenance, repairs and service throughout the guarantee period at the authorized workshops of the contractor, located within the territory of Poland. The Inspectorate notes that terms of reference (SIWZ) that are contained in a restricted document would specify the details pertaining to the order. The terms of reference will be disclosed to the contractors who are going to be invited to place the preliminary offers. The total value or scope of the order has been defined by the ministry as an amount exceeding the sum of EUR 443 thousand and it is going to be a subject to negotiation, over the course of a competitive procedure involving up to 4 potential contractors. Entities interested in the programme may submit their proposals until 5th July, noon.

The announcement means that the procurement procedure has been finally launched. This has been first announced at the beginning of 2019. The declarations made back then suggested that “Pegaz programme is at the stage of works that initiate the procedure of ordering the vehicles delivery”. 

The “Pegaz” Multi-role Vehicles procurement process is to result in introduction of armoured tactical 4x4 vehicles into the inventory of the Polish military. Earlier on it had been planned that Special Operations components and the Military Police would be the first to receive the new vehicles, with the Land Forces to follow. Pegaz vehicles shall become a part of the inventory used by recon units, and they shall also become a foundation for special-purpose applications. Even though no information has been released by the MoD, when it comes to the offers placed within the framework of the Pegaz programme, several vehicles have been promoted for quite some time now, within the framework of this procurement, including:  AMPV, EAGLE V, Hawkei, Husar or Tur.

Pegaz is one of the most important 4x4 vehicle acquisition programmes conducted by the Polish military. Apart from the special operations component and the Military Police, the Land Forces also need vehicles like that to be acquired very urgently. Vehicle as such could be used as a command platform at lower level, in some artillery units, including the ones operating the WR-40 Langusta system. Pegaz could also be used as a recce vehicle or in other specialized roles, so that it could replace the Tarpan Honker vehicle or even the BRDM-2 platform. Pegaz programme, however, is seriously delayed. The situation is similar to the one applicable to the Mustang procurement. All of the above makes it much more difficult to implement the land forces modernization programmes requiring certain specialist equipment to be integrated onto a wheeled platform of similar performance.