Territorial Defence Forces

Polish President Authorizes National Defence System Exercise

Bronisław Komorowski, President of Poland, accepted the concept of the Kraj-15/16 defence system exercise, the aim of which is to check the cooperation of the public administration organs and military commands and staffs, at every level of the commanding structure of the Polish Army.

The documents related to the Kraj-15/16 (State-15/16) exercise have been accepted by President Komorowski on 3rd August 2015. The above-mentioned documentation contains provisions which cover a series of initiatives, including: "Jesień-15" (Autumn-15) command/staff exercise, scheduled to happen between September and October this year; "Dragon-15" military exercise (October 2015); "Kierownictwo-16" (Leadership-16) strategic defence game, executed together by the President and by the Prime Minister, and; "Stolica-16" (Capital City-16) wargame (which would verify the effectiveness of the whole command chain within the Polish system of national defence).

The resulting conclusions are going to make it possible to verify the solutions implemented within the national defence system, which were introduced through the amendments of the Political-Strategic Defence Directive, the reform of the Army’s command and control system and, through adoption of the solutions proposed during the 2014 NATO Newport summit.

Kraj-15/16 exercise is going to constitute the final element of the national security planning cycle which included execution of a Strategic Review of the Polish National Security, approval of the Polish National Security Strategy issued by the Polish President and issuing a new Political-Strategic Defence Directive on the basis of the above-mentioned strategy.

The official release published by the National Security Bureau notes that the Polish President approved the exercise plan in line with the article 4a, section 1, subsection 3 of the Act on General Defence Obligation of the Republic of Poland - “President of Poland approves, by request of the council of Ministers, the plans related to the national defence system exercises, and supervises and leads their execution”.