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President Komorowski Bids Farewell To The Army

  • Wersja przeciwlotnicza 75 mm armata wz. 1897 na podwoziu samochodu De Dion-Bouton 35 CV (auto-caisson model 1913). Fot. Wikipedia

President Komorowski who is stepping off the office, during his farewell bid to the Army, thanked everybody who is working in order to provide the Republic of Poland with a proper level of security. The ceremony took place at the front square of the Presidential Palace.

During the ceremony, Bronisław Komorowski who is stepping off the office of the President and of the position of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, stressed the fact that the issues related to national defence are the most important area to be kept in mind. Komorowski noted that without the strong army, independence would be impossible to achieve.

During his speech, President Komorowski stated that maintaining the level of security should be treated as a priority. Komorowski added that anyone who cares about Poland’s being safe and stron should take care of the strong Army, thanks to which the Polish security would remain in safety.

Being the ex-supreme commander of the Army, Komorowski thanked everybody who worked within the area of national defence, qualifying security of Poland as one of the priorities. The Polish President also addressed his acknowledgements to the persons with whom he cooperated, in order to maintain the Polish security and defensive capabilities after 1989, acting as the minister and as the vice-minister of defence. President additionally thanked all of his colleagues, with whom he worked throughout the 5 years of his presidency, wishing the armed forces good luck in the process of constant development and in improving the relation with the society.

Komorowski emphasized the fact that allocating proper funding to modernization and development of the army is required, however - the army should also have to face the proper requirements, delivering the expected results. Thanks to the above, the armed forces would deliver a high security standard to everybody.