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British Tanks Involved In An Exercise In Poland - Again.

British forces coming from the York Combat Group, equipped with the Challenger 2 tanks and the MCV-80 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles, are involved in a joint training exercise, together with the Battalion Tactical Group coming from the 7th Coastal Defence Brigade of the Polish Army. The exercise is taking place within the Drawsko Pomorskie training ground. The aim of the operation is to go through the issues covered by the tactical syllabus, including moving through minefields or preparation of the counterattacks.  

The British forces, coming from the York Combat Group, are equipped with the Challenger 2 main battle tanks, along with the MCV 80 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles, and they are taking part in a joint exercise with a Battalion Tactical Group, deployed by the Polish Army’s 7th Coastal Defence Brigade. The exercise which is going to last for 3 days, is taking place at the Army Training Centre in Drawsko.

The aim of the joint exercise undertaken jointly by the Lębork-based “blue-berets” and the British soldiers, is to go through the elements of the tactical syllabus. The soldiers have been involved in pushing through minefields, securing the indicated area or carrying out the counterattack.

The training which is going to be conducted was summed up by Major Tomasz Kosinski of the 1st Mechanized Battalion from Lębork:

Such training is extremely important. It makes it possible to tailor our tactics to the tactics, according to which our allies operate. It is very important that, at the second stage of the exercise, the elements were forced to think outside the box, without any operational plan in mind. This teaches the commanders at all levels to think creatively and flexibly, in a rapidly changing battlefield situation.

Deputy commander of the 1st Mechanized Battalion, Major Tomasz Kosiński

The current operation is yet another exercise involving the British Forces, taking place in Poland. Last year, during the “Black Eagle 14” training initiative, more than 1100 Royal Army soldiers were involved in the training activities within the territory of Poland. They brought more than 100 track-chassis vehicles to participate in the aforesaid exercise. The British forces are also going to take part in the largest exercise of the Polish Armed Forces planned this year, known under the name of “Dragon”. The exercise is planned to take place within the Orzysz range, in October this year. 

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