Command Inauguration for LITPOLUKRBRIG. “Initial operational capability”

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Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian Ministers of Defence took part in the inaugural ceremony pertaining the command of the LITPOLUKRBRIG unit. This means that the command stationed in Lublin has achieved its initial operational capability. Full readiness status is planned to be reached next year.

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence, stated that the information provided to the Ministers prove that cooperation between the three battalions of the brigade is fruitful. He noted that the LITPOLUKRBRIG unit may be treated as a signal for anybody who would like to “breach peace in Europe”. The brigade has been formed by two NATO member states and Ukraine, which is under pressure of the Russian aggression.

The Multinational Brigade is a sign, a symbol, and it is a very clear signal for anybody who would like to breach peace in Europe.

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Defence Minister

Inauguration, which took place on Monday, 25th January, means that the brigade command has achieved the initial operational capability. Lithuanian Ministry of Defence announced that the current status is related to the fact that at least 90% of the staff’s personnel has been appointed, documentation has been prepared, budget has been approved and that the infrastructure required for the unit to operate is functioning. Moreover, the above also refers to provision of accommodation for the soldiers and their families.

The Lublin-based unit is going to reach full combat readiness in January 2017. Ultimately, the unit is going to involve 3.5-4 thousand troops. Representatives of the three countries forming the brigade are assigned to the positions of commander, deputy commander and chief of staff in a rotation, for a period of three years. At the moment, Polish Brig. General Adam Joks is the commander of the LITPOLUKRBRIG unit.

Cooperation within the framework of the Brigade is to make it possible to achieve enhanced capabilities, when it comes to collaboration between the Ukrainian Army and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The official goal of the Ukrainian doctrine is to achieve interoperability with NATO until 2020.

LITPOLUKRBRIG founding agreement has been signed by the Ministers of Defence of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine in Warsaw. The Brigade is to be used within the scope of UN, EU and NATO operations, and within the scope of the on-the-spot coalitions formed on the basis of the UN-Charter, and agreements signed between the member states of the unit. As it has been stressed by the Ministry of Defence of Poland, the Lublin Command is to become a basis for establishing yet another EU battle group. The battalions of the brigade will be stationed in their homelands.