New Rak Mortar Element Delivered

Image: 10th Mechanized Brigade
Image: 10th Mechanized Brigade

12th Mechanized Brigade has received the third company-level fire module (9th module as such overall), formed by 8 Rak self-propelled mortars and 4 artillery command vehicles. This is one of the two deliveries scheduled to happen this year.

The "Szczecińska" 12th Mechanized Brigade emphasized the fact that this is the third company-level fire module that is also a part of the Brigade's inventory. The first element was delivered in late October 2017, while the second one was in October 2019.

Let us recall: the first agreement tied to the Rak self-propelled mortars, signed in April 2016, included the delivery of 8 elements (fire modules), 8 M120K mortars, and 4 AWD command vehicles forming each of the units. These have been delivered already. The current KMO Rak delivery results on the ground of another agreement (signed in October 2019). The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence procured extra 16 M120K vehicles and 8 AWD platforms, forming two modules. One should add that the third agreement was signed afterward, in May 2020, worth 700 million zlotys. The amount above is to cover basic equipment for another 5 KMO elements.

This is the ninth RAK company-level fire module manufactured at HSW S.A. and delivered in line with the schedule. We would be delivering the 10th module by the end of this year. Noteworthy, last year HSW also concluded another agreement, concerning the delivery of another 5 company-level fire modules between 2022 and 2024. The Army is to have 15 company-level fire modules delivered by HSW at its disposal in total.

Bartłomiej Zając, President of the Management Board at HSW S.A

 Referring to the statement made by Zając, let us list the units that have already received the Rak system. The 1st Motorized Infantry Battalion of the 17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade was the first unit to receive the mortars - on 30th June 2017. Then, the mortars were delivered to the 12th Mechanized Brigade, 15th Mechanized Brigade (twice), 17th Mechanized Brigade (second batch), and the 21st Highland Brigade (twice). 

The tenth RAK KMO element would be delivered (it would be the third delivery for this unit), to the 21st Highland Brigade. Rak mortars are also operated by the Artillery and Armament Training Centre in Toruń.

Image: 10th Mechanized Brigade

Every KMO element is formed around the backbone formed by eight 120 mm M120K Rak self-propelled mortars (based on Rosomak APC), and four AWD vehicles (also based on Rosomak APC).

15 Rak modules are to be delivered by 2024. The above means that the Polish military would operate 120 M120K mortars and 60 AWD platforms in total. Furthermore, AWA artillery ammunition carriers would also be delivered soon - three platforms as such would be assigned to each module. Another element of the modules would come in a form of AWRU artillery armament repair vehicles (one per module). Finally, each of the modules would also receive two artillery reconnaissance vehicles (AWR). The aforesaid support vehicles are being delivered based on a separate agreement signed by and between HSW and the Armament Inspectorate, on 22nd May last year. AWR and AWRU platforms would be delivered first to the units that already have the KMO elements of their own.

Considering the quantity of the AWA/AWR/AWRU platforms, the Rak KMO program would make use of 210 Rosomak APCs and 60 Jelcz trucks (the latter act as a base for ammunition carriers and repair vehicles). When the programme described above is accomplished, this would translate into the completion of one of the main pillars of the Technical Modernization Plan, which would also result in significant reinforcement of the artillery capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces.