MSPO 2022: WZL1 Showcases Its Aviation and Space Portfolio

WZL1 booth - on the left-hand side one can see a scale model of a three-stage cargo delivery system that can work beyond the Kármán line.
Photo. Maciej Szopa/Defence24

At MSPO 2022 exhibition, WZL Nr 1 S.A. is showcasing elements of aerospace designs manufactured at the facility, along with scale models of aircraft that the facility maintains or repairs. The space cargo delivery system has been presented at MSPO once again, by WZL1 as well.

The WZL1 facility with a seat in Łódź, and an external branch in Dęblin, can be listed as one of the key PGZ Group companies, specializing in works involving aircraft, with a particular emphasis placed on the rotary-wing assets. Currently, the facility offers overhauls, maintenance, and upgrades of the Mil helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-24), TW3-117 engines, maintenance and upgrades of aircraft systems, military and civil aircraft maintenance, composites manufacturing, cable harnesses, galvanized and paint coating, measurement, mechanical machining, and non-destructive tests.

The company's booth features scale models of aircraft - the Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters (that WZL1 has been maintaining for decades), but also the Leonardo AW101 Merlin. The facility would be dealing with the maintenance of those new aircraft sometime after they are commissioned in the Polish Armed Forces. A scale model of the M-346 Bielik trainer has also been highlighted. The manufacturer has promised a transfer of technologies for this design, should Poland decide to procure the M-346FA combat variant of this aircraft.

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WZL1 has also been showcasing its wiring harnesses and composites, including products manufactured at the latest production hall of WZL1 - the Center for Manufacturing of Composite Structures. The infrastructure in question would be used throughout the implementation of the Wisła programme.

Offer for the space sector is another interesting highlight showcased by WZL1. The company presents its TRS three-stage suborbital rocket system for delivery of research cargo. The system has been developed by a consortium formed by: WZL1 (leader), Military Institute Of Armament Technology, and ZPS GAMRAT. The goal of the project is to deliver 40 kilograms of cargo above the Kármán line.

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