“Largest Landing Operation In Independent Poland”. Poland Prepares for the Anakonda Exercise

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Anakonda 2016 exercise is going to involve 26 thousand soldiers from several NATO member states, including 12 thousand troops from Poland, and ca. 14 thousand soldiers serving in the armies of the allies and of the partner nations.“Here, we mean deployment of units from numerous locations in Europe and the United States, a landing operation involving the largest forces that have been even carrying out such manoeuvre in independent Poland”  as it was stated by the Polish Defence Minister, Antoni Macierewicz. 

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence stated that the Anakonda exercise is an initiative, the purpose of which is to show that Poland and Eastern Flank NATO nations may feel safe, thanks to the fact that they are the members and participants of the largest defensive alliance of the world. Polish Defence Minister took part in talks pertaining the Anakonda exercise, also involving General Ben Hodges, US Army commander in Europe, together with General Mirosław Różański, General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, and General Marek Tomaszycki, Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces.

Preparations are taking place, on one hand on the eve of the NATO summit, on the other hand, after a decision was taken by the United States government to reinforce the NATO Eastern Flank with a heavy US Army brigade, which is one of the most important decisions, the purpose of which is to deter and stop potential threats for Poland. This is also the goal of the exercise - stop the potential enemy, showcase the capabilities of our allies.

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence

The Anakonda exercise is the most important training event for the Polish Army throughout the year 2016. It is going to involve ca. 26 thousand soldiers, including 12 thousand troops from Poland and 14 thousand hailing from eighteen NATO member states and four NATO partner nations. Second largest deployment will be realized by the United States.

Anakonda is going to be a joint exercise realized by four distinct components: land forces, air forces, navies and special forces. The event is expected to be the largest multinational exercise ever to happen, since 1989. For the first time in history, collective defensive operation involving NATO forces (from the United States of America and the European states as well), Polish Army and non-military components, will be carried out at so high level of complexity. The training is being executed within the framework of the provisions adopted during the NATO summit which took place in Newport, Wales.

It is planned to take place between 7th and 17th June this year. According to the Polish Ministry of Defence, the operation will be focused on expansion of the commanding capabilities related to joint collective defensive operation realized in collaboration with an international coalition and non-military elements. The event will also verify the solutions adopted within the scope of execution of the task by the host nation.