Macierewicz: Polish F-16 Jets To Be Deployed to Syria. Special Forces Will Offer Training Assistance

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Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence, announced that the Polish F-16 jets are going to be deployed to the Middle East. In order to provide training assistance for the forces fighting against the terrorists, a special forces team is also going to mark its presence in the region – as TVP Info claims.

The Defence Minister announced the Poland’s plan to support the steps to counteract the threat posed by ISIS during the “Dziś Wieczorem” [Tonight] TV programme by TVP Info.

The programme was focused on summary of the visit paid by the NATO Secretary General to Poland. During his interview, Macierewicz confirmed the information that the ORP “Kościuszko” missile frigate is going to be deployed to the Aegan Sea, in order to provide support for the allied forces. Moreover, four multi-role F-16 jets will also carry out operations over Syria, while training assistance for the forces counteracting the terrorists is going to be provided by a group of troops hailing from the Polish Special Forces. “All of the missions above have a training and reconnaissance profile.None of the operations has a character of a direct confrontation” – as Macierewicz clarified.

We confirm that our missions, initiated by the Kosciuszko frigate, will also be continued on the Eastern flank, also in other military forms, always for the purpose of training, support and surveillance missions, which are required there, in the current situation.

Antoni Macierewicz, Polish Minister of Defence

Minister Macierewicz referred to the plans of getting the Polish Armed Forces involved within the NATO’s southern flank during a joint press briefing, also attended by Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secratary General. The Polish official mentioned, inter alia, possible deployment of the ORP Kościuszko frigate. The first information pertaining to involvement of the Polish F-16 fighters in reconnaissance operations over Syria, against Daesh (most probably executed from Jordan or Kuwait) emerged back in February this year.

Besides the release of the information pertaining to the planned deployment of a Polish detachment to the Middle East, Macierewicz also referred to the planned deployment of four battalion sized multinational units in Poland and on the Eastern Flank. Battalion Battle Group is often considered to be the smallest element which is capable of conducting combat operations autonomously.

If the arrangements mentioned above are confirmed during the NATO summit in Warsaw, then, within the territory of the states which are threatened, to the largest extent, several allied units are going to remain on alert, maintaining a capability to initiate a defensive operation, without a need to carry out a long distance deployment. This is a qualitative change, in comparison with the arrangements made in Newport, since the rotational presence, as defined back in 2014, had a primarily training character. 

The main decision to establish presence of the NATO combat units within the Eastern Flank was undertaken during the meeting of the NATO Defence Ministers in February.

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