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MiG-29 Fulcrums Return to the Polish Skies

Image Credit:  st. chor. szt. Adam Roik/CC DO SZ
Image Credit: st. chor. szt. Adam Roik/CC DO SZ

The General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces made a decision to resume the MiG-29 operations in the Polish Air Force, announced General Jacek Pszczoła and commander of the 1st Tactical Aviation Wing, Col. Maciej Trelka.

A press briefing was organized today at the 23rd Tactical Airbase in Minsk Mazowiecki, concerning the future of the Polish MiG-29 jets. The meeting involved, among other persons, the head of the MoD, Mariusz Błaszczak and General Commander of the Armed Forces, General Jarosław Mika. This involved a dialogue with the Polish pilots and ground crews, with regards to the technical status in which the jets find themselves.

During the press briefing in Warsaw Div. General Jacek Pszczoła announced that the MiG-29 jets would get airborne soon and that the pilots want to fly them. This may be interpreted as MoD’s and Command’s support for the stance adopted by the crews and personnel that handles the aforesaid platform on a daily basis.

MiG-29 jets have been grounded since the accident that happened in March this year. Despite the above they have been maintained in line with the normal schedule and their readiness to fly was not lost. Also, maintenance related to long periods of not flying was also being carried out.

This is yet another argument supporting their return. Another pertains to an urgent need to own more fighter aircraft capable of protecting the national airspace. This year the aforesaid task has only been delegated to the F-16C/D aircraft based in Krzesiny and Łask.