MSPO 2017: WB Group Presents UAV Systems and Artillery

  • Satelita SAR systemu COSMO-SkyMed, Fot. Thales

WB Group is presenting a wide variety of its UAV systems during the MSPO 2017 defence industry exhibition. The showcased hardware includes platforms ranging from the heavy FT-5 Łoś system, weighing 85 kilograms, to the light Warmate strike UAVs. Projects emerging on the grounds of collaboration with the Ukrainian industry, also introduced during the Salon, are a novelty – here we are referring to the “Stokrotka” [“Daisy”] rocket launch system or upgrade packages designed for the ZU-23-2 systems. 

The largest of the UAV systems presented by WB Group during the MSPO Kielce exhibition is the Łoś platform, the take off weight of which is 85 kilograms. The UAV in question has a wingspan of 6.4 metres and its fuselage is 3.1 metres long. It is capable of taking off autonomously. This is done with the use of a mobile ramp fitted with a catapult. The UAV in question is also able to land on a special purpose portable mat or in any terrain that may be available. The system is propelled by two internal-combustion engines, ensuring good performance, and allowing the platform to continue its flight, should one of the engines be damaged.

FlyEye UAV, already operated by the Polish Armed Forces, was also showcased. The said platform remains capable of flying at speeds ranging from 50 to 170 kilometres per hour, at an altitude of up to 4 kilometres, and with endurance of 3 hours. The embedded communications suite allows the system in question to be operated at distances ranging from 30 to 50 kilometres from the data transfer and control station, in real time.

Image Credit: J.Sabak

Warmate was the smallest airframe showcased by the WB Group during the show. This system has already been acquired by foreign customers and is also intensively field tested in Poland and abroad. During the 25th edition of the MSPO event an agreement has been signed to deliver this system for the Ukrainian customer. It is a small, 5 kg UAV with a wingspan of 1.4 meters and 1.1 meters long. At distances of up to 10 kilometres, the system has a flight endurance of up to 30 minutes. It may be armed with three types of warhead, developed by the Polish Military Institute of Armament Technology. The warhead production is soon going to begin at the Belma facility, based in Bydgoszcz. It is possible to use the Warmate UAV to act against targets detected by the FlyEye platform. This requires a WB BMS system to be applied.

Image Credit: J.Sabak

ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft cannon, modernized with the ARM-28 upgrade package, has also been an interesting highlight presented by the WB Group. The package features electrical and optronic systems that automate the operation of the cannon. The bundle includes control and drive units for rotation and changing the cannon elevation, along with a digital targeting sight which greatly enhances the weapon’s accuracy. The modernization has an advantage of being modular, which allows for rapid and easy integration with any ZU-23-2 system.

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The external part of the WB’s stand is dominated by the ZRN-01 “Stokrotka” multiple rocket launcher, constituting a fusion of the WB Group Topaz fire control system and two 80 mm rocket launchers, each housing 20 rockets, developed by the Ukrainian Artem company belonging to the Ukroboronprom entity. The whole package has been placed on a STAR 266M2 6x6 platform and fitted with optronic and radar target detection systems.