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PIAP Robots for West Africa

PIAP instructors in gray tactical Helicon-Tex wear. Photo: PIAP.
PIAP instructors in gray tactical Helicon-Tex wear. Photo: PIAP.

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP has delivered its PIAP GRYF®, EXPERT and TRM® to the West African Police units.

The contract concerned the PIAP GRYF® robots used for reconnaissance. Robots as such are already being verified operationally in Africa by the Nigerian military. PIAP GRYF® robots are equipped with a manipulator with five degrees of freedom, with an option of closing the gripping jaws, allowing the robot to carry objects with a mass of up to 15 kilograms. The Robot’s wheels may be removed, which makes the system smaller and facilitates carrying out operations in narrow spaces. Thanks to the utilized drive systems, the robot is able to go over obstacles with slope of up to 45 degrees. Perfect maneuverability and modular design can be listed among the most distinguishable features of this robot. PIAP GRYF® is very light, which facilitates transport of the system, and its modular design allows the user to quickly reconfigure the device, with quick changes of the additional equipment.

PIAP instructors in gray tactical Helicon-Tex wear. Photo: PIAP.

Furthermore, the West African Police has also ordered EXPERT mobile robots for carrying out operations inside vehicles and narrow spaces. EXPERT platform has been fitted with a three-meter long manipulator with six degrees of freedom. Deployable side stabilizers are an innovative solution here, making it possible to securely lock and stabilize the mobile platform between the rows of the seats for instance. This makes it possible to safely pick up heavy objects and precisely use the manipulator, even when it is fully extended. 

PIAP's TRM® system, on the other hand, has been acquired by the police officers with tactical applications in mind. This is a small system that can be used to support operations in areas that are hazardous or the access to which is restricted. TRM® has been designed as a response to threats and dangers involved in reconnaissance carried out within the area of operations by the tactical units, prior to execution of the operation. TRM® may be deployed inside the building or outdoors, to deliver optical or audio data remotely, to the operator staying at a safe distance. TRM® can hit the ground when dropped from a level of 9 meters (onto a hard surface), and maintain full usability.

August Żywczyk