Territorial Defence Forces

PLN 160 Million For Parts Which Are To Be Used In The Rosomak APCs

Rosomak S.A. company, functioning as a part of a consortium led by the Polish Armament Group, has concluded an agreement, the value of which is estimated as PLN 160 million. The aim of the contract is to provide the Polish Army with the spare parts for the HITFIST-30P turret, used in case of the Rosomak APC. The procurement process is going to be realized between 2015 and 2018.

PGZ Rosomak S.A. consortium was the sole contractor which submitted its offer in the procedure. The initial value of the offer was estimated as PLN 130 million, by the 4th Regional Logistics Base. Price was the only assessment criterion adopted, when the offers were being analysed. The limited tender was announced on 4th July 2015, and decision regarding the order was made on 25th September.

HITFIST-30P is a two-man crew turret fitted with ATK Mk 44 automatic cannon with bilateral ammunition feed, which is coupled with the UKM-2000C machine gun. The armament is stabilized in two planes and it is fitted with a night-time/day-time fire control system, featuring a laser range-finder, together with a thermal imaging device.

Rosomak S.A. company has a license to repair, integrate, maintain and assemble the Hitfist-30P turrets, according to the agreement signed with the OTO Melara company. The Siemianowice-based facility was able to place an independent offer, acting only within the framework of the Polish Armament Group.