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Polish Army Acquires Slat Armour For The Rosomak APC

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The Armament Inspectorate announced that it has selected a supplier of 100 slat armour packages for the Rosomak wheeled armoured personnel carriers, equipped with the Hitfist-30 turret. Additional protective devices are going to be supplied by the Rosomak S.A company, based in Siemianowice Śląskie.

The Armament Inspectorate announced that it has selected the contractor who is to deliver one hundred slat armour systems for the Rosomak APCs in their combat variant (the vehicles equipped with the Hitfist-30 turret). The information related to this procurement procedure was released on 26th August 2015. Rosomak S.A company, manufacturer of the vehicle, is going to be the supplier of the aforesaid slat armour. The announcement related to finalization of the tender states, that the final value of the order is going to be contained in an amount slightly exceeding PLN 26.8 million (including the Value Added Tax). The Inspectorate states that only a single offer has been submitted.

The slat armour system for the Rosomak vehicle consists of a light frame, fitted with the QinetiQ Q-net armour kits. Identical armour kits, delivered by the manufacturer, have been already used operationally by the ISAF forces deployment, in Afghanistan.

Slat armour increases the vehicle’s survivability, in the light of the threat posed by the anti-tang grenade launchers, moving the HEAT warhead stream away from the armour, blocking it or having a detrimental impact on the stream’s coherence.