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Polish President Signs A New Act Regarding The Wartime Defensive Operations

President Komorowski has signed an Act, which changes the Act on general defence obligation and some other selected Acts of the Polish legislation.

The aim of the Act is to:

  • provide statutory interpretation of the “wartime” category, appearing in the constitution;
  • specify and complement the qualifications and the tasks undertaken by the defence command bodies at the level of strategy and political actions;
  • define the tasks of the Armed Forces Commander in Chief and the person who is indicated to take over this position – the candidate to become the Armed Forces Commander in Chief,

Ultimately, all that has been left after the Parliament and the Ministry of Defence implemented its amendments is not really similar to the version proposed initially by the National Security Bureau. None of the goals above has been achieved – the works need to be continued.

We should remind ourselves that the signed Act provides that the Polish President “should a need arise to defend the Country, decides, by a request from the Council of Ministers, on a date, on which the wartime period starts and ends within the territory of Poland, while Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army [General Staff is a part of the Ministry of Defence] is treated as an auxiliary body for the Polish President, within the process of conducting the defence operations”.