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“SZPAK” Night-Vision Goggles

  • Na pierwszym planie rakieta kierowana laserowo Ch-50. Dalej bomby kierowane KAB-20. Fot.
    Na pierwszym planie rakieta kierowana laserowo Ch-50. Dalej bomby kierowane KAB-20. Fot.

PCO S.A. company has presented its main product during the MSPO 2015 event - the Miniaturized PNL-2AD/M “SZPAK” night-vision goggles.

Miniaturized PNL-2AD/M “SZPAK” night-vision goggles are a light tool, purpose of which is to make night-operations easier. The goggles are equipped with additional IR illumination device, which makes it possible to use the system also indoors, and in case of conditions that are very dark.

PCO S.A. stresses the fact that the system features two independent optical channels and makes it possible to render the sizes and shapes of the observed objects in a natural way. Black-and-white imaging provides the user with image which is 20% more detailed, in comparison with the classic night-vision devices.

PNL-2AD/M “SZPAK” goggles are compatible with most of the helmets currently used by the Polish Army – thanks to the universal mounting system they may be fitted onto any helmet used by the Land Forces. However, the goggles may also be used as a hand-held device, acting as binoculars. The system is fitted with a double power-supply system, the batteries are placed within the goggles and in the container mounted at the back of the helmet. This container makes it possible to achieve even weight distribution on the head-protection gear. The goggles themselves are very light, as their weight is 590 grams.

The value of the “Szpak” system is proven by the awards received by the PCO S.A. company for developing the device. In June the company received the European Medal, within the scope of the contest organized by the Business Centre Club, and the Statuette of the Leader of the National Security, awarded by the Polish Associations of the Suppliers Working For The Uniformed Services.