Territorial Defence Forces

Thousands of Poles Volunteering For Military Duty

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Almost 3.8 thousand volunteers reported for duty at the units and training centres, all of which operating under the jurisdiction of the General Command of the Armed Forces. This is the first, out of three training camps planned this year for the corps of privates, the goal of which is to provide the recruits with training for the future service. After the above-mentioned training camp ends, the volunteers will become a part of the National Reserve Forces, while the remaining soldiers are going to belong to the trained personnel reserves. For the best candidates, serving in the NRF, it may mean that they would stand a chance of being accepted as a part of the professional component of the Army.

The training for the first tour will last until 29th April this year. Another training camp is going to begin at the beginning of May, while the third one is scheduled to take place in September. In total, at the military units and at the corresponding training centres acting under the jurisdiction of the General Command of the Armed Forces, within the scope of the training activities, it is planned that more than 11.5 thousand volunteers are going to be involved in the initiative. The highest number, 340 future troops, is going to be trained at the Artillery and Armament Training Centre in Thorn, Poland, during the January camp. 

The training will be divided into two stages. The first three months of duty are going to take place at the basic training facility. During that time, after the recruits acquire the required knowledge and skills, they will be sworn in, becoming full members of the military. Then, the time will come to perfect and develop their skills within the framework of the selected Specialist Training Centres. Due to the nature of our Centre, the group is going to consist mainly of the artillery troops, both the crews dealing with cannons and rocket launchers, as well as the mathematicians, topography experts or reconnaissance specialists. We are ready to prepare the candidates for the National Reserve Forces, and the level of training is going to be as high as it has been so far.

Col. Dariusz Adamczyk. Commandant for the Artillery and Armament Training Centre in Thorn

During the year 2016 two preparation service camps are also planned for the non-commissioned officers corps. At the beginning of February and July, ca. 100 volunteers will report for a five-months training programmes at the Land Forces NCO-Training School in Poznan, Air Force Academy’s Non-Commissioned Officers Training School in Dęblin, and at the Navy’s Non-Commissioned Officers School in Ustka.