US Army Stryker Vehicles in Poland - Again

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American troops of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Cavalry Regiment arrived in Poland, to take part in another rotational training operation involving the Polish Army. The US Stryker APCs are going to be involved in the Anakonda 2016 exercise, organized by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces.

Cavalrymen of the 3rd Squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment have just arrived in Poland. The aforementioned unit’s base is located in the German town of Vilseck, in Bavaria. The Americans are beginning yet another training operation related to the Atlantic Resolve initiative. This is the second visit of this type for the 2nd Regiment Cavalrymen. 4th Squadron, assisted by the 173rd Airborne Brigade, was involved in a similar operation last year.

Ca. 150 US troops, along with 16 Stryker vehicles and support vehicles, will be involved in joint training exercises with the Polish Army. 12th Mechanized Division (12th Mechanized Brigade and 7th Coastal Defence Brigade) is going to participate in an exercise in January and February, while 17th Mechanized Brigade is scheduled to be involved in a similar operation in March. 21st Highland Brigade will train with the American soldiers in April, according to the schedule. In June, the Americans will take part in the Anakonda 2016 exercise, organized by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces, within several training ranges.

It is expected that live-fire training activites are also going to take place during the aforementioned operation. The goal of the exercise is to refine the cooperation skills among the units hailing from a variety of NATO member states, within the scope of the collective defence tactics and related scenarios.

Atlantic Resolve operation, during which the US Forces are stationed in Poland, is a NATO-driven initiative, reinforcing the alliance’s Eastern Flank. NATO Brunssum Joint Force Command is coordinating the operation, along with the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces.

Atlantic Resolve operational activities in Poland, during the last year, besides the cavalrymen and airborne troops mentioned above, also involved elements of the 5th Battalion 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment of the US Army, involved in a training operation together with the soldiers of the 37th Missile Division of the Polish Air Defence component. Other countries of the NATO Eastern flank hosted, among other assets, the A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft.