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“Little Narew” Anti-Aircraft System Growing Stronger

iLauncher system, a part of the "Little Narew".
Photo. Armament Agency/Twitter

The Polish Ministry of Defence announced that Poland took delivery of another iLauncher system that is a part of the "Little Narew" SHORAD solution. This is the fourth out of six launchers that the Polish Armed Forces are scheduled to receive, within the framework of the contract signed in April 2022.

In late June we reported that more iLauncher systems were rolled out at the MBDA Bolton facility, being assembled before shipping to Poland. The first one was received in Poland in early July, the second one was delivered yesterday, by a C-130 Hercules airlifter. Both launchers would become a part of the so-called "Little Narew" system - a gap filler stage in the establishment of the Narew SHORAD system air defences. The whole system entails an entirely new level of quality for the soldiers of the Polish air defence component since a single SAM element of that system can engage multiple air threats at once. This is a major improvement over the capabilities of the currently operated SAM systems, such as S-125 Neva, or 2K12 Kub - both capable of engaging a single target at once. The agreement signed in 2022 assumes that two batteries (6 launchers in total) would be procured. Ultimately the "Little Narew" would become a part of a larger system - Pilica+.

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Little Narew is a SHORAD system that would become a part of the Polish IADS, developed in collaboration between MBDA and the PGZ Group. CAMM missile is the effector of that system. It can defeat air threats at a distance of up to 25 kilometres, flying at up to 10 kilometres of altitude. The missiles feature an active radar seeker - they only need updated target position data during the flight. The iLauncher system with VLS solution has been placed on a Jelcz 8x8 platform. The "Little Narew" fire unit includes 3 CAMM launchers, Soła radar, loading/transport vehicles, and a Zenit command system.

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