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Poland To Receive the K239 Chunmoo Systems Soon

Photo. Hanwha Defense via AU

The Armament Agency of the Polish MoD announced that three Jelcz 8x8 vehicles have been delivered to South Korea, where they would become a base platform for the Polonized variant of the K239 Chunmoo system. Further launchers would be assembled in Poland.


The integration is a part of the Homar-K programme, thanks to which Poland would possess yet another rocket artillery system capable of eliminating targets that so far have been unreachable for other Army assets. The spokesperson for the Armament Agency, Lt. Col. Krzysztof Płatek announced that apart from the integration of the Polish base platform with the South Korean launcher in Korea, South Korea would also become the venue for the first test launch. Then the vehicles would be sent to Poland, where they would be outfitted with extra hardware, including the Topaz C2.


Back in November 2022 the Armament Agency and Hanwha Aerospace signed a performance contract, based on which Poland would receive 218 polonized K239 Chunmoo rocket artillery systems, along with a training/logistics package, munitions stockpile of several thousand Chunmoo 239 mm Missile PGMs (80 km of range), and Long Range Missiles (290 km of range), and a technical support package. The vehicles will also be outfitted with integrated Topaz command and control system and Polish communication assets. The Polish Homar-K system is to be based on the Jelcz P882 8x8, that utilizes experience gathered when designing the Wisła system platforms (Jelcz C/P882.57), and the Jak programme tractors (Jelcz C882.62), as the spokesman for the Armament Agency, Lt. Col. Krzysztof Płatek said.

Photo. Katarzyna Głowacka/

A framework agreement concerning 288 launchers in total was signed in October 2022. It is expected that at the second stage, both the launchers, as well as the 239 mm missiles, would be manufactured domestically, in Poland.

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