PLN 160 Million – Support Of Innovations In The Aviation Sector.

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National Centre for Research and Development announced the results of the Innolot contest, the aim of which is to support innovative solutions in the aviation sector. The competition was co-financed by the European Union. The entrepreneurs who are taking part in the said programme are going to receive more than PLN 160 million of additional assets.

This is the second contest organized within the Innolot – Innowacyjne Lotnictwo programme [Innolot – Innovative Aviation]. The initiative constitutes a part of a much larger framework – the Intelligent Development Operational Programme. This programme assumes that large scale research and development initiatives, which have an impact on growth of the specific sectors and branches of the economy, are going to receive external funding.

The additional funds were provided to 18 projects that got the top rating, selected among the 29 competitors. The above-mentioned initiatives include development of the 3D printing technology use for manufacturing the turbine blades (Ultratech Sp. z o.o.; 3D Robot Sp. z o.o.; ResEco Sp. z o.o. companies), or research and development pertaining the methods that may be applied in the process of designing and manufacturing the primary composite aviation structures (PZL Mielec).

Works related to the UAV systems are also going to be financially supported. The funding is going to be provided, inter alia, within the scope of tailoring the optionally piloted helicopter manufactured by PZL Świdnik to carry out maritime operations. Eurotech company is going to receive support for the programme, the aim of which is to develop a system which would make it possible to avoid collisions, and which is going to be dedicated to be fitted onto the UAV systems and for small aircraft. Finally, WZL No. 2 [Military Aviation Works] and Softblue companies are going to receive additional funds, in order to develop and manufacture special purpose UAV systems. Each of the companies contributed almost 96 million zlotys to the programme.

The aerospace sector is one of the most innovative branches of the Polish economy. The companies gathered around the Polish Technological Platform for Aviation, which is our partner within the scope of the INNOLOT programme, are dynamically developing, investing and increasing their involvement in the research and development initiatives. Thanks to the support coming from the National Centre for Research and Development, the above-listed companies are able to undertake more and more ground-breaking projects, all of which lead towards creation and development of the Polish aviation technologies, and, as a result, increase the level of innovation of the Polish economy.

Prof. Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski, Director of the National Centre for Research and Development

National Centre for Research and Development Director, Professor Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski, stresses the fact that the aerospace sector is one of the most dynamically developing branches of the Polish economy. Support provided by the National Centre for Research and Development will have a positive impact on creation of a technological basis within the field of aviation, increasing the level of innovation present, within the area covered by the Polish Economy.

The first Innolot contest, the results of which were announced in October 2013, led to provision of subsidies in an amount of PLN 178 million for 11 projects. The contribution of the subjects which were willing to obtain support was contained in an amount of PLN 135 million.